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Unsecured VNC Servers on the Internet

March 09, 2022 — lukas

The internet is full of computers! Okay, I think we all know that, right? Many people use VNC servers to remote access their computers or administrate their servers. A lot of these are of course password protected like they should be, but still unencrypted most of the time. Sadly there are still a lot of people dismissing the fact that they need to secure their stuff. You can easily find VNC servers open to anyone without any password using tools like Shodan or Censys. Bots always go around the internet, everywhere, anytime! So of course, VNC bots exist and target Windows machines most of the time as seen here: Open VNC Server full of commands by bots Usually ports like 5900/5901 are targeted. Please take your time to secure all your systems correctly!

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