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one month of using unRAID + my homeserver

June 15, 2021 — lukas

So over one month ago I was looking up random PCs on Ebay-Kleinanzeigen. Later I then found a great deal near me! A Dell Optiplex 7010 with the following specs: i5-3470, 16GB RAM and a 240GB SSD. All for the price of 70€. So then I bought it of course, few days later picked it up. Once home I decided to try out unRAID, since I've seen a youtuber I watch use it, so I said "hey, why the fuck not?". Grabbed a USB, installed unRAID on it and off we go! Formatted the SSD with BTRFS. And hell yeah! I quickly noticed that unRAID is awesome! Simple to use, many features and stable as fuck. Later then I decided that I'd need more storage. So I picked up a 2TB HDD which will allow me to store content too, not only containers and VMs! Trial ended soon, bought a key. Now this rig has been working nicely for the past month. Looking to upgrade the Optiplex to an i7-3770 and 32GB DDR3 tho, I'd like to find good deals for it first tho.

tags: homeserver, unRAID

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