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Fun with my new Raspberry Pi Zero W and pwnagotchi

August 10, 2021 — lukas

Soo, I decided to order myself a Raspberry Pi Zero W a while ago. Why? I wanted to try out the project pwnagotchi and just have a small little device to mess around with. I've mostly only done stuff with pwnagotchi, but without any e-ink display or UPS. Just the RPi Zero W and a powerbank. This is how my setup looked like: powerbank + raspizerow Walked around my neighbourhood a lot and I have gotten over 80 handshakes. That's awesome! Beside pwnagotchi, I also just tried normal Raspbian Lite and spotifyd with a bluetooth speaker. It worked great and I would find it very useful if I had a random unused speaker lying around. I also haven't gotten a case for it yet, that may come in the future, who knows ;-).

tags: rpi, raspberrypizerow, raspberrypi, pwnagotchi

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