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buying a domain at netcup.

April 06, 2021 — lukas

so a few days ago i ordered a domain at netcup since there is an easter sale atm. 1,68€ per year for the domain and 2€ setup fee. ok thats cheap as fuck. got it later. but i ordered it at ~21:30. so the next day i got called by netcup for verification. alright told them my info and off we go. got the domain but later i noticed something. i never actually paid for the domain and i didnt get any invoice. thats strange. so now i never have gotten an option to pay for it but now it says ill need to pay in 2022 again which yeah is correct but i never paid for it? anyways in the control panel i have never gotten any option to pay for it too since theres no invoice anywhere. welp time to wait and see ig. the domain is btw, you can access the blog by it too ;)

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