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setting up a mailserver

January 29, 2021 — lukas

so a few days ago i decided to setup my own mail server, i was always too lazy and found them complicated to setup until i found this. so i tried it out, tho i had a lot of problems at first because the hostname on this VPS is not my domain. so i looked around, found all the files i had to edit and changed "luk-vps" to my domain "", then when i was atleast able to recieve/send mail i found another problem: DKIM wasn't working. so looking at the errors opendkim spit out, i found the problem: wrong hostname yet again :/, so got that fixed up and restarted it. success! DKIM was working and i was able to send mails securely. i tested sending emails to gmail and outlook. gmail worked perfectly, but the email i sent to outlook landed in spam :(, oh well. atleast i have a good working setup now.

why setup your own mail server when you can buy email hosting from xxxxxxxx?

because i didnt want to spend more money for hosting when i already have a underused vps. but hey this setup is perfect now so i dont see a need to buy email hosting anymore.

why not keep using services like outlook or gmail?

the services i used often had ads which i didnt like, and i get much more storage with this setup.

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