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February 23, 2021 — lukas

i live in bavaria. schools march-june 2020: closed, i personally didnt have online meetings back then. just teachers sending us stuff.
june-july 2020: two groups, 3 days school a week. group A -> one week, then group B -> one week. etc i hope you knowwhat i mean.
september 2020: schools open again, just have to wear masks for the next two weeks.
two weeks later and we didnt have to wear them anymore. you think that's nice right? well, cases were slowly increasing? wonder why? i don't.
october 2020: need to wear masks again, cases getting more and more. more and more cases, probably more than we have now. but guess what: school aren't closed down.
december 2020: ~1 week more christmas holidays. 2 weeks before holidays again two groups, but not weekly anymore. daily e.g. A -> Monday, B -> Tuesday. etc.
last week before christmas holidays on wednesday: full lockdown. teachers sending us stuff to do and we send them back.
january 2021 - now: online classes, tho still sending teachers homework.

imo, school atm is hell. but hey, over the pandemic, i have learned a lot about computers.

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